President Of Elite NAPA Auto Repair in Tempe ArizonaPresident Of Elite NAPA Auto Repair in Tempe ArizonaWhenever we give a recommendation for “Best Auto Repair Shop” there’s a lot of criteria we take into account, including the stories and anecdotes you send in to us.

Some things we look for are, honesty, integrity, fair prices, professionalism, and overall feel when it comes to doing business with the shop.

At this time we wish to recognize Auto Repair Tempe for their outstanding reputation and service.

Elite NAPA Auto Repair, a full service auto repair facility in Tempe, Arizona, has received numerous positive reviews and has shown willingness to go above and beyond the basic requirements of customer relations. The same can be said for their awesome website

Here’s to you and your fine crew Elite! We can wait to stop in and say hello in person next time we’re in the Phoenix area.

automobile-accessories-led-neonThere are many useful accessories for cars that make drivers’ lives that much easier.

And then there are…other accessories.

Below is our list of the top ten weirdest accessories…

  1. Neon lights are ever increasing. Stack them behind, in front, underneath, inside. Complimentary blinding included.
  2. For the wilder drivers, a 20-foot rear-aimed flamethrower shot from the exhaust.
  3. Fully programmable LED wheels that display logos, text, and even photos as the wheels spin.
  4. To go along with Mustache March, the Carstache is now available to add an extra flair of good looks to vehicles.
  5. To compliment the Carstache, Carlashes are also available. They’re attached to the headlights–no mascara required.
  6. LED lights placed in the back window, controlled via remote, which display flirty or smiley emoticons, and even the bird.
  7. Cars come with standard-issue drink holders. Now available is its counterpart, the French fry holder.
  8. For the more detail-oriented, Bentley has produced self-leveling wheel badges.
  9. Bullet hole stickers will ensure passengers feel they are being transported as safely as possible.
  10. And finally, the whistle tip. A piece of metal installed in the exhaust pipe which creates a loud whistling sound that can be heard up to a mile away. A complete necessity for any commuter!

automobile-crash-safetyThe Insurance Institute of Highway Safety judges and rates cars according to their performance in crashes involving front, side, and rear impacts, along with a rollover accident.

The rollover portion is of particular difficulty, and cars that rate well, according to the IIHS, tend to do well in real life situations as well.

By manufacturer, Subaru performed exceptionally well with all five of its models receiving top ratings.

Toyota received the most top picks, totaling 15 of its models.

Honda was recognized as having the greatest improvement over prior years

By model, there is a list of 115 cars that received high marks. Among the winners in the smaller car division were the Ford Focus, the Honda Civic, the Subaru Impreza, and the Toyota Corolla.

Midsized cars included The Chevrolet Malibu, the Dodge Avenger, and the Hyundai Sonata.

The top rated small SUV’s were the Honda CR-V, the Jeep Patriot, and the Kia Sportage, among others.

Mid to large SUV’s saw the likes of the GMC Terrain, Subaru Tribeca, and Buick Enclave.

The three large pickups that were named were the Ford F-150 crew cab, the Honda Ridgeline, and the Toyota Tundra crew cab.

The IIHS has released its complete list and potential buyers are encouraged to review the cars listed when considering safety.

2014 SUVsIf you’re thinking about buying an SUV, waiting for several months might open several very good options.

One of these will be the 2014 Subaru Forester. Predictions for the car are that because the Impreza is seeing changes and both models use many of the same technologies, the Forester will receive similar updates.

Guesses are that the engine will be upgraded to a 2.0 liter with an optional turbocharged version. The future Forester will likely maintain the same off-road capabilities and all-wheel-drive, making it an excellent option among cross-over’s.

The 2014 Nissan Xterra is also making the move to the crossover category, meaning the heavy-hitter will be going on a diet. One of the main complaints received about this powerful SUV was its fuel efficiency.

Nissan has redesigned the model to maintain the strength by leaving it on its same chassis, but has less weight to move around. Word on the street is that Nissan may be contemplating implementing diesel engines, although it’s doubtful that feature will make it into the 2014 model.

Jeep is also in the running with its new 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel. Many Jeep fans have been asking for more diesel options, and the company has responded. Buyers will be impressed by the torque and long range provided by the diesel engine.

With this move, the model may, in fact, take the category’s trophy for fuel efficiency.

Stay tuned for more details on the 2014 SUV lineup as they become available!